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Dust & Vapor Tight Drum Liner Seal for pharmaceutical processing. Hastelloy C-276 product contact, 316 S.S. non product contact.
Dust & Vapor Tight Drum Filling Head
for pharmaceutical processing.

Bulk Storage System:
Dilute phase pressure pneumatic transfer system with bulk storage and vacuum unload to pneumatic truck.

Pneumatic Inlet Installation:
Inside equipment for pneumatic transfer/bulk storage system.

Cardinal Health 1-5
Portable bag break station with integral crusher and inclined screw conveyor.

Cardinal Health 4
Another view of the portable crusher/inclined screw conveyor.

Sanitary Paddle/Ribbon Blender with Integral Vibratory Screen for Scalping During Charging and ASME Jacket for Product Cooling

Sanitary Ribbon Mixer designed for ±20” W.G. Pressure Differential Service

Sanitary feed screw on portable cart for ease in moving for cleaning

High Pressure (150 PSIG), High Temperature (300°F) Sanitary Isolation Butterfly Valve Assembly

Flexicon Bulk Bag Discharge Frame with Integral Hydraulic Bag Conditioners Frame is scaled to provide LIW batching to a downstream process All electricals are NEMA 7/

Custom-Sized (24” x 24”) Bag Dump Station with Integral Reverse Pulse Dust Collector

Stainless Steel Bulk Storage Silo with metering system interfaced with existing transfer belt at midwest power plant.